Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't boarding easier than skiing?

Learning to board is much harder and more dangerous. Boarders have five times more injuries and they are twice as serious (usually broken wrists) as ski injuries.

How quickly can I learn?

A person starts learning on the first lesson. But in six one hour sessions an average person gains the skills and muscle memory of the average intermediate skier or boarder.

Is skiing at First Tracks Ski School the same as skiing or snowboarding on snow?

No. It’s harder to ride the simulator than it is on real snow. However, your best training surface is the least forgiving one. When you make a mistake you know it instantly and you also know the conditions of the moving carpet did not change! Training is safe because you are in a safety harness and have bars to use for balance.

Who trains at First Tracks Ski School?

If you can walk, we can train you; kids as young as three years old train successfully! We train beginners, intermediates, experts and people recovering from injuries.

Can I bring my own boots?

Please do, having your own boots with a comfortable foot bed is highly recommended for your comfort and performance! See your local professional to get yours today and remember those boots have to be broken in so book your sessions with us today through the “Book Now” tab at the top of the page!

Can I get a work out on the simulator?

Yes, it is a fantastic machine that allows you to use the same muscle groups as you do when skiing or boarding so the more you put into your training the more you will get out of it; we will get those sport specific muscles in shape! Many athletes use the simulator to keep their work outs exciting through cross training. It’s also a great cross- trainer activity for any athlete!