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Our South Florida Ski School utilizes indoor ski simulators; it is a perfect learning tool for both children and adults who ski or snowboard without any need to travel to a mountain resort. Whether a novice or advanced skier or boarder our clients are best prepared for the season by maintaining muscle memory for peak season through continued use of the simulator.

Training with an indoor ski simulator allows you to develop your sense of balance, hone your skills, enhance your endurance, coordination and reflexes. Interestingly, children, as compared with adults, master the techniques of the skiing sports amusement much faster starting with the basics. Instruction is allowed for children aged 3 years and older; starting them early allows children to experience the joys of skiing along with their parents.

The typical fan of winter sports who lives in South Florida takes between one and three trips to a ski resort a season. Once having arrived to a ski resort the first day is typically spent finding those ski legs; around day three of the five days on the mountain one is finally getting the hang of it once again then only to realize there are only two days left! Additionally, a large number of people have forgotten the activity is a sport and have neglected the training that is necessary to avoid muscle soreness.

To take advantage of day one on the mountain the mountain in its entirety and to avoid unpleasant soreness you need to train your body in advance. Train with First Tracks Ski School your indoor ski simulator! The required adaptation will come easily through our special use of drill techniques without any unnecessary discomfort and you too can make “first tracks” on the mountain every morning!

In one session, you can pack in an entire day of honing your skills. Why? At First Tracks you are in constant motion and are receiving focused one to one expert instruction as you learn; not as the result from falling or from a few linked turns per run. In our studio, the instructor is inches away from the student, is able to see your bio-mechanics, and understands different learning styles.

Our method enables us to better understand the student. We establish a solid foundation of the fundamentals that in turn allows the opportunity for safer skiing with an improved technique. What we give is a very specific analysis and personalized instruction to make a dramatic difference in performance on the slopes. Students also develop surprising muscle memory from easy repetition; literally your muscles will just know what to do on the mountain so you can relax and enjoy your new skills while looking bullet proof on broiler plate!

Due to the fact that our equipment simulates skiing on snow, many professionals have used them for training such as Olympic Gold Medalist Jonny Mosely, Suzi Chaffee, and other Champions’. Additionally, many sports teams, ski clubs, and ski schools around the world make taking classes on their ski simulators mandatory for their members. You will feel it for yourselves that having worked out your technique of skiing or boarding with First Tracks Ski School your skiing or snowboarding will be much easier and more pleasant than before.

Sessions are available in value packages and are on a first come first served basis; clients are able to purchase value packages and view available appointments right through the website by clicking the Book Now tab to the right!!